Pen 2010 plan has been approved industry standards
Author:admin Time:2011-1-18 11:22:53

According to the China Light Industry Federation Ministry of integrated business news, the National Standardization Technical Committee Pen compilation of the "industry standard for the 2010 Pen Plan" has been approved and submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology project application. 
According to China Light Industry Association "in 2010 on the compilation of the first industry-standard scheme notice" (fully associated in the light [of 2009] No. 344) the request, Pen Pen industry standard committee with the specific circumstances, in theadhere to the standard process of formulating and revising the principles of openness and transparency, strengthening the pre-research phase of the necessity of standard items, the feasibility argument. The end of 2009, Pen standard committee members and to all the standard within the industry committee of experts issued the "industry standard on the 2010 survey the project in the notice," and the China Writing Instrument Association publicity on the site, on the pen industry amendments to the standard system for public research and solicitation. Deadline January 20, 2010, in reply received a total of 26 research, standards committee members and industry experts comments on the standard 31 items, 4 new project proposals, and provides the information related to the industrialization of the product . 

Project approval through the standard research and the collection of standard items and screening, plans to develop seven industry standards: 

1. "Pole pencil on paper"; 

2. "Neutral pen ink"; 

3. "Water-based ballpoint pen ink"; 

4. "Paint pen ink"; 

5. "Soft pen ink" 

6. "Pen nib"; 

7,. "Ballpoint pen with tungsten carbide beads." 

The standard project is funded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology project was approved, the pen standard committee procedures in accordance with the development of standards, collection and identification of the standard drafting unit responsible for the draft, and held working meeting standards. 

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