City Lights: energy come from Wenzhou
Author:admin Time:2011-1-18 11:17:57

United Nations Industrial Development has named 20 in the world's most dynamic city in China, Wenzhou is the only city in the list. 

From Wenzhou Wenzhou spirit of vitality. Wenzhou is a very unique group. Li Qiang, Party Secretary of Wenzhou have done the following summary: "Wenzhou" is the most precious resources of Wenzhou, Wenzhou is the largest unique advantage. 

Yes, the Wenzhou People have a natural sensitivity to the business regardless of far apart as long as there is business, there will be footprints of the Wenzhou People rushing. Wenzhou good use of climate, geography, and, in the poor before that when the opportunity approaching, the Wenzhou People good at strong business sense and traditional handicrafts such as human resources together from the local reality, to find their own "startpoint "to create a cottage industry, individual and private, joint-stock cooperative with the supply and marketing force, combining professional market, a" commodity, big market "economic landscape. 

The so-called spirit of Wenzhou, Wenzhou is the traditional pro-business culture and market economy through reform and opening up the baptism of the tide gradually formed. Wenzhou spirit of reform and opening up is called the "thousand spirit", that is an arduous journey, and said to make thousand words, thousands of miles traveled, came up with doing everything possible to the development of commodity economy; later known as "four-self", that is, "self-reform, own risk, self-improvement, self development," a market economy; these years took it summarized as "pioneers, especially to start." 

Wenzhou as ubiquitous as the air you need, what they give you.Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Wenzhou people of Tibet ... where ... where there is market. Wenzhou more than 200 million travel extensively, have in many places around the country and the world have established their own sales companies and distribution points, forming a new product distribution network. In recent years, Wenzhou, working abroad to do business when the owner reached 50 million. Many places in the world, can find the footprints of Wenzhou. Office of the restaurant, imports from China of raw materials, production of leather shoes, running shops, engage in wholesale, big business. Wenzhou vision is not confined to their homeland, they dare to face the country over the world unlimited market. 

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