Alas,Hero ,dead end, when the re- Hero ?
Author:admin Time:2011-1-18 11:15:30

According to statistics of China Writing Instrument Association, the current "pen among the world 5, there 4 are made in China." And this corresponds to, "among the world's 4 pen, there is a pen is the 'Wenzhou manufacturing'." Pen year, according to mainland China about 29 billion calculations, from data of Wenzhou Pen Association, Wenzhou City, one year of production pen products around 9 billion, accounting for mainland China's total pen 1 / 3, accounting for Global Pen for nearly 1 / 4. It is estimated that the total output this year will reach the mainland of China Pen 35 billion, as the "Chinese document are" Wenzhou, pens total will reach 12 billion or so. 

The once mighty pen manufacturing industry in the country "heroes", but was lost in the private brand into pens, which used to be proud of Yijin Bi, its domestic market share fall to less than 3%.Once with "international brand" dream factory hero, even in the domestic market are difficult. 

"Heroes" set back 

"If the success of joint venture negotiations, hero pen factory would not say reduced to such an extent." Talking about "Heroes" does not step over the history of the "few Hom," the 70-year old can not help distraught Wei Jinkang sigh. Wei Jinkang was a factory director Pen Shanghai, the plant parts produced by the "hero" key components; and Wei's uncle, used to be "heroes" one of the founders plant. 

Wei Jinkang called "joint-venture negotiations", is in the 80s of last century "heroes" the heyday of the brand, the world's leading pen manufacturer Parker sent a special trip to cooperate with the hero pen factory and joint venture negotiations, we hope, "Parker "51 The two sides co-production model of this product, when Parker out of the condition that they can be a hero pen factory licensed to produce authentic," Parker "pen qualifications, but the hero production plants," Parker "pen is only allowed in domestic sales, and sales, "Parker" portion of the profits to go to reach the advertising costs. But in the end the negotiations broke up because "Heroes" fight to the death to defend their "international" brand position, we must stick to their part of the document produced to sell to foreign countries. 

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