China Wuyi 600,000 counterfeit pencils betray oneself
Author:admin Time:2011-1-18 11:09:26

Quality Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province, the official website linked to the message that the director of a factory in Wuyi County, Mr Lam Chinese pencil on suspicion of forgery, criminal detention, public security organs. 
In real life, because of the use of poor quality "2B" pencil responses, the computer can not recognize or identify errors, leading to lack of points, a small sub-zero or even some of the results of computer scoring of things common, and dreams have so many candidates brush by. 

May 25 this year, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Corps received a report from the masses, together with the Jinhua Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Bureau of Quality Supervision, Wuyi County law enforcement officers three linkage, located in Wuyi County, Town, Wu Yong-Quan, 15 Wuyi Road, Xinhua Pen Industry Co., Ltd. for law enforcement inspection. 

Within the tall plant, three printers are busy in work. A branch into the rough pencil, it has been marked by a clear, after "Chinese brand pencils, China First Pencil Co., Ltd." word, but in appearance, was significantly lower than authentic look rough. 

In the company's warehouse, law enforcement officers also found a large number of packaged finished Zhonghua pencil, also found a number marked "Samsung brand, Samsung Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai," the pencil, and a large number of labeled "Chinese brand drawing pencil, China First Pencil Co., Ltd., "the packaging.Law enforcement officers through inspection, that the company was involved in forgery, impersonation Make site. 

China First Pencil Co. site, said the officer, the dens of counterfeit production is the plant discovered in recent years, a large production plant, the main flow of their products in major wholesale markets in China. After a site inventory and found that the production of counterfeit factory "China card" and other products more than 60 million. After the evaluation by the quality supervision department was 19.7 million yuan. 

, The Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Corps transferred the case to Provincial Public Security Bureau. 22 June, Wuyi County Public Economic Investigation Team on file for investigation, and the parties to the case Mr Lam criminal detention. 

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